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Oregon State Martial Gathering


Classroom sparring with steel sabres

Hastiludia [hastəlüdēə] in medieval Latin or Hastilude: a generic term for martial contest or war games. Ours is an annual cross-discipline sparring event (FMA, Gung-Fu, HEMA, Kobudo, etc.) open to all local weapon-based martial arts practitioners and enthusiasts. Our goal is to use the martial skills we have been training in our respective combat systems and apply them in real-time sparring of various intensities. To test ourselves among friends in a welcoming environment. This is about clean techniques, not brute strength. Fight to the best of your abilities. Be friends in the end.

FORMAT: Standard 2 minute continuous bouts. Generally, these will be a stand up fights with weapons but throws and takedowns may be allowed in accordance to our Rule Of Thirds. Choose your weapon(s) and opponent. Agree on what you’ll do, the level of intensity, etc. Communicate this to the referee for transparency. The wearing of protective gear is NOT an excuse to go berserk on your sparring partner or charge in recklessly. Brute force is the strategy of the unskilled. You must fight with good martial quality and technical skill. Respect everyone and protect yourselves at all times. Please take the time to read and understand our Rules Of Engagement.

GEAR: We encourage sparring with minimal protective gear; fencing masks/helmets and lacrosse/hockey or HEMA-type gloves only. Groin cups recommended if you care about your bits & pieces.

Magkatipunan Sa PTK-SMF Peninsula - Grou

IMPORTANT: We want to promote the warrior ethos and build a community of like-minded individuals with a particular interest in weapons fighting. To foster camaraderie and friendship by engaging in this challenging martial exercise. We build and strengthen each other so we can protect those who cannot protect themselves. Unnecessary roughness and bullying WILL NOT be tolerated and you will be ejected and banned from future gatherings.

"In the perfect fight two never strike or thrust together, because they never suffer place nor time to perform it. Two unskillful men many times by chance strike or thrust together, chance unto them, because they know not what they do, or how it comes to pass." - George Silver 1599, Paradoxes Of Defence.


We want to keep things simple, but in order to ensure all participants have an enjoyable and educational experience all fighters must abide by a few rules;

  • Sparring Is As Much Intellectual As It Is Physical: Brute force is the strategy of the unskilled. Control your weapons and yourselves at all times. Utilize the skills you've learned in your chosen combat system to the best of your abilities. Blade-fighting is a higher art; swinging like a cave man does little to validate your training and your system.

  • No Mutual Destructions: All fighters must acknowledge every strike is LETHAL. However, "dying" men flail and fighters must understand to get out of range and prevent after blows. If mutual destructions, doubles, etc. persists then the fight will be discontinued.

  • Acknowledge And Respect All Hits: Pretty self-explanatory; if you get hit first, have enough sense to recognize it and back away instead of delivering an after blow. You're not impressing anyone by exchanging blows. Reset from a safe range and continue the fight until the end of the round.

Rule Of Thirds: These are somewhat inspired by the Pekiti-Tirsia Kali strategy of thirds and one that I’ve used in past gatherings for experienced fighters;

  • 3-Hit Rule: The first fighter who lands 3 consecutive and unanswered strikes wins the bout and the fight is over, regardless how much time remains on the clock. ALL strikes must have martial quality. If the fighter attempting to score three consecutive and unanswered hits gets hit in the process, NONE of his strikes will count.

  • 3-Count Rule: In the event of a bind, clinch, or stand up grappling, you have up to 3 counts to execute a disarm, takedown and/or throw or to break free of such attempts by your opponent. Referee will step in and separate the fighters if none of these actions are performed successfully after the 3 counts have elapsed. The defender may employ any means necessary to prevent being disarmed or taken down, which includes punching and kicking, or attempt his own takedown/throw.

  • 3-Second Non-Engagement Rule: Fights must be continuous. Strategizing is fine but the arena is not a place for contemplation. Fighters will be given a warning if the fight stalls or there are no engagements after 3 seconds. If non-engagement persists, the fight will be discontinued since clearly neither fighter wants to engage.


WHEN: Saturday June 29th, 11:00am - 3:00pm

WHERE: Alton Baker Park (under the 3 pine trees near the main parking lot entrance) Eugene, OR


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