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- Sic Parvis Magna -


"FIGHT BACK! Whenever you are offered violence, fight back! The aggressor does not fear the law,

so he must be taught to fear YOU! Whatever the risk, and at whatever the cost, FIGHT BACK!"

- Lt. Col. Jeff Coooper, USMC

What people say about Guro Ferd and The Hastartes

Ferd's a great teacher. He takes time to make sure people understand each drill, and pushes them to do it. The system is no frills/ no BS FMA for real fighting.

- Joseph B., Mountainview, CA.

Guro Ferd is a fantastic teacher with a wealth of knowledge and experience.

- Paul B., Drain, OR.

I have been training under Ferd for about 3 months. I had prior experience with Filipino Martial Arts and he has been able to acknowledge that as well as teach me various things I don't know and make me better. The class is focused on actual fighting for self defense and has the goal of preparing people for sparring. It is a great group of guys in the class and we have a lot of fun. Ferd knows what he is teaching and I enjoy the class.

- Andrew A., Eugene, OR.

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