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Tuhon Tim Waid

Tuhon Tim Waid
Master Instructor/President, PTK-SMF/PTKGO

Tuhon Timothy Waid is the Master Instructor and President of The Pekiti-Tirsia Kali Global Organization/PTK-SMF in the U.S. and is the director of Survival Edge Systems/Pekiti-Tirsia Tactical Training Institute. He has trained with Grand Tuhon Leo T. Gaje Jr. for well over 25+ years and is responsible for developing and conducting the Military Edged/Impact Weapons program for the Philippine Marine Corps [PMC], which soon became the official CQC program for the entire Armed Forces and Law Enforcement of the Philippines.

Tuhon Tim served with distinction in the United States Marine Corps as an Infantry Platoon Sergeant and in the Army National Guard as an Intelligence Sergeant. He regularly conducts training worldwide for military units, law enforcement and private security forces.

Tuhon Tim Waid Interviews

FMATalk LIVE Part 1 [skip to 15:00]
Air Date: 2013.09.07

FMATalk LIVE Part 2 [skip to 06:00]
Air Date: 2013.09.27

Tuhon Tim - Marines Training_edited.jpg
Tim Waid & the original West Coast PTK-SMF guros
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